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Email Filter Protection

Email remains the primary form of communication between your team and your associates, suppliers, and clients. Orders are placed and contracts are signed every minute of the day across this medium.

Email Filter Protection

It should be no surprise that 90% of all cyber-crime starts with a Business Email Compromise (BEC).

Despite growing awareness, that Business Email Compromise is a serious and costly issue, 76% of UK small to medium companies report falling victim to phishing attacks, the average cost to each company being £5,200.00 (source of information from Gov UK click here )

Reports are showing these rates are only increasing with time, – so it’s crucial that businesses be vigilant in protecting themselves against malware, spam, and known phishing lures.

Our filtering service removes the unwanted emails before the land in your inbox. Keeping your email clean and delivering just the wanted emails.

Reasons to have a filter:

  • Reduce unwanted distractions.
  • Remove bad or malicious emails.
  • Reduce backup storage capacity.
  • Show employees you’re protecting them.

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