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Email Hijack Book

Over 90% of cyber-attacks require human interaction to succeed.

The great email hijack story..

More than 99% of attacks require human interaction to succeed, resulting in malware installation, wire fraud, unwitting data disclosures, and more.

As any anti-phisher website will tell you, it takes two to tango. Although scam emails are designed to trick you into cooperation, it is still your responsibility to recognize their intent. Think twice when enabling a macro, opening a file, following a link, or opening a document. Your paranoia could well save you and your company a boatload of inconvenience and cost.

Order your copy of our book, read the story about David and how he was a victim of a scam and the rollercoaster ride of emotion he was taken on after the breach. As you can imagine his first three questions he asked himself didn’t come with answers: How? How?? How???

Whilst this story if fictional, it is also the truth. We’re here far to often in the news about large corporate businesses being breached, sadly we don’t hear of the hundreds, thousands of smaller businesses that also suffer.

The book takes approximate 20 minutes to read.

Pre-order your hardcopy today. Alternatively if you don’t wish to wait and be ahead of others, please order your online copy for almost immediate reading at your leisure.

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