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Quality solutions delivering quality value

Through our association with the UK’s largest IT purchasing group we have the buying power that guarantees great availability and competitive pricing on IT Hardware.

We maintain vendor accreditations by constantly refreshing our product training and ensuring that we have the necessary expertise to specify the best solution for your requirements. 

Having these enables us to focus on core elements of business requirements.

With over 37 years experience in delivering IT solutions, we have experience of all industry sectors and all shapes and sizes of SME Business.

The value we bring customers in providing IT Hardware, is in the time saved researching, the confidence in products supplied being fit for purpose and future proofing their investment.

We also keep track of developing technology and will often make suggestions based on your business model.

If something becomes available that we feel will be of benefit, we will let you know.

It is the above approach that led to us being awarded the “Terra Partner of the Year” award for 2021

IT Solutions

What makes our proposition right for you?

Before we make any suggestions as to what is suitable for your organisation we listen to you and only when we fully understand your requirements do we then recommend the most relevant and secure IT services that will enable your business to deliver

Although we are absolutely confident in our ability to help businesses do things better with relevant and secure technology, we understand that this requires a leap of faith on your part. So to help you in that journey we introduce you to clients that we currently work with and we do not tie you in to any minimum term contracts.

Our people make the difference

We have an industry leading client retention rate and are proud to have clients that want to work with us rather than being obligated to. That is why CARA Tech boasts an extensive list of clients throughout the UK.

Choose CARA Tech and you will work with your own dedicated account manager. In effect they will be your general IT practitioner and will be able to advise, develop a strategy for your needs.

All CARA Tech employees are passionate about delivering awesome customer service.

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