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Microsoft 365 Security Audit

Why do you need a Security Audit?

The Microsoft 365 Security Audit is specifically designed to shield your business from business email compromise (BEC). One of the fastest growing threats businesses face today. The audit assesses key configurations of Microsoft tenants and provides clear indicators for remediation. It also provides granular information that is difficult and time consuming to obtain in the Microsoft portal, but is invaluable for administrators. Plus, the Microsoft 365 Security Audit works seamlessly with our other Security, Compliance and Productivity services. Resulting in a fully-integrated and optimised platform that allows you to unlock greater opportunities with a modern workplace.

Why now?

Productivity tools are essential for modern businesses, but also have security liabilities that can be difficult to identify. While the productivity advantages of Microsoft 365 are well known, many of the security liabilities and weaknesses are not. By bringing the Microsoft 365 Security Audit into a business environment, we arm administrators with granular awareness that helps to identify and patch security holes. This allows administrators to focus on advancing the organization’s goals and trust that their mailbox is secure.

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