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Email Signatures

Having a consistent email signature across the business gives you a consistently branded message or professionalism.

Email Signature:

The average worker sends 39 emails per day. This is a great opportunity to market to those people who are touch points of your business every day. Don’t let your email signature be an afterthought as its a missed opportunity.

A good email signature is a great way to inform your contacts about you, about your business or about something that you’re working on and wish to spread the news.

Professional email signatures will cover off all the necessary policy details. Signatures for Microsoft 365 across your whole business can be managed from a single workstation. You can design a specific signature for your business or use one of many templates. Email signatures are add via Microsoft Azure, so every email sent from any device will have the correct email signature attached.

You can have multiple different signatures for different departments, marketing and hierarchy or even personalised for you. Whichever you decide, have a good email signature policy across the company for consistency. Create a different signature for reply and forwarded emails.

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