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CIT support is an essential component of business in the 21st century. We endeavour to provide all our clients with a safe digital working environment with support solutions that respect your company's ethos and culture.
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    IT systems can feel like magic when everything is working as it should. Still, the frustration can be intense regarding error messages, security breaches, or just systems that aren't fit for purpose. In our 21st century digital environment, you must implement an IT support solution if you incorporate digital technologies in your working activities. Otherwise, you risk the security and integrity of the data held within. At CARA Technology, we provide IT support and security services, ensuring that your business is as safe as reasonably practicable.

    As experienced IT professionals, we understand Information Technology's vital role in modern business. It's of the utmost importance that performance and reliability are maintained. After all, cybercrime poses a significant risk to companies in all industries and sectors.

    IT support northwest – How much do professional IT services cost?

    Economy of scale means that our investment in our Managed Services Platform filters down to our clients at a great value, what we call our "small seat at a large table "benefit. Our investment in a comprehensive IT and Security infrastructure gives our clients peace of mind for an affordable monthly fee. Our managed service and support packages start from as little as £10 per user/month.

    Business IT solutions – What is a managed IT support solution?

    A managed service is a proactively managed and monitored version of an IT Solution, IT Support, Anti-Virus Software, or Data Backup. Managed IT provides better quality, more reliable support service, delivering a service you can rely on.

    We understand the importance of our client's data and recognise cybercrime's significant threat, constantly striving better to protect our client's data and associated backups. Maintaining performance, reliability, and cyber hygiene is core to everything we do. Our mission is not to accept anything short of complete customer satisfaction in every aspect of the customer journey.

    Almost every modern business requires technology to function in daily society. So, suppose you're experiencing downtime and delays due to either unresolved IT issues or taking significant time to resolve them. In that case, that's a sign that your IT solution isn't performing at the level you require. As such, you should seriously consider switching IT support provider.

    It's a common misconception that switching support provider is too stressful to be worthwhile, but that's simply not true. CARA Technology simplifies switching managed IT support providers using our simple three-step process. Our switch process is so easy to follow that we take on an average of two new clients each month.

    Our three-step-process is as follows:

    1. Provide handover documentation to your existing provider.

    2. Conduct a detailed scan of your computer systems.

    3. Get to know your business, your personnel, and your company ethos.

    Remote IT support for small business – business IT supper services

    Outsourced IT is a fantastic solution (and we would argue the best solution) for businesses of all sizes. However, it is especially valuable for small to medium-sized companies, as it allows them to reap the advantages of highly skilled and experienced support staff without needing to pay the high costs of employing, training, equipping, and maintaining such a team.

    After all, consider what goes into recruiting an in-house IT support team. You need several experts with a wide range of IT skills, which will consume significant time to find and will require large salaries and/or benefits to recruit the best talent. Finally, the cost of quality equipment and maintenance for everything they need to perform their daily duties must also be factored into the overall cost. These facts clarify why small to medium businesses should consider remote IT support solutions. However, this is not the only advantage of choosing outsourced IT support.

    With outsourced IT support from an experienced company such as CARA Technology, you gain from the constant real-world expertise of our staff. As an outsourced IT support company, we provide IT solutions to a diverse range of businesses from different sectors and industries. This means that we handle many IT problems in our daily activities. This empowers us to provide top-quality proactive maintenance, responding to issues before they happen. The old saying goes, prevention is always better than a cure and the same rings true for IT support. It's always better to prevent a data breach than clean up and put the pieces back together after one. Our IT support services operate proactively rather than as a reactionary firefighting solution.

    However, our seasoned and highly experienced team ensures that our disaster response is swift, efficient, and effective in an emergency.

    By choosing IT support services from a team of dedicated experts such as CARA Technology, you don't need to spend time researching, installing, and learning how to use the latest technology and software. Our experts provide support and cyber security services to a wide range of clients, and as such, we ensure that they are fully up-to-date, equipped with the latest technologies and trained in their use. The old saying goes, prevention is always better than a cure and the same rings true for IT support. It's always better to prevent a data breach than clean up and put the pieces back together after one. Our IT support services operate proactively rather than as a reactionary firefighting solution.

    A wide range of professional IT services for Stockport businesses

    Since we began trading in 1991, we have continually developed our expertise and knowledge base. We're a team of passionate and hard-working IT service providers and can deliver a wide range of IT services to our clients. For example, in addition to our IT support services, we provide Cyber Security solutions.

    Digital threats come in all shapes and sizes, posing many threats. Our cyber security experts are on hand to ensure that our clients have good protection measures. We have a detailed process to protect our clients from cyber security threats. We refer to this as practising good cyber hygiene. CARA Technology can help your business improve cyber hygiene with various cyber security services, including audits, backup & disaster recovery, and awareness training.

    Cyber Security audits

    CARA cyber security staff can perform various audits. One such audit includes searching the dark web for any stolen passwords associated with your email addresses. We can also provide audits shining a light on your email security settings, which identify the security configuration of your email systems and Microsoft 365 reports, identifying vulnerabilities within your 365 tenant.

    We even have a cyber hygiene questionnaire that helps you understand how exposed your organisation is to attacks from cybercriminals.

    Cyber awareness training

    Through regular cyber awareness training, you can provide your employees with the knowledge they need to minimise the likelihood of being a cybercrime victim. Our training courses utilise easy-to-consume content with interactive tests.

    Our courses include simulated cyber-attacks on your business, allowing your team to display their new skills, showcase their progress, and learn good cyber hygiene. After all, social engineering and phishing emails rely on human error, so it's important to learn about cyber security threats and practice responding to them.

    Backup & disaster recovery

    Regardless of how well you have trained your team and protect your systems, there is no substitute for having a robust data backup and disaster recovery plan. We believe that you can never have too many backups. Industry best practice dictates that you should maintain a minimum of three copies of data across two different platforms, and at least one should be online.

    In a cyber-attack, you need a clear backup which you can fall back upon. The IT specialists at CARA can help your business develop and implement a sophisticated backup and disaster recovery plan to provide security and peace of mind.

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